Moanoghar, the Shanti Niketan of the Hills

17 December, 2021
Moanoghar, the Shanti Niketan of the Hills

“Moanoghar, the Shanti Niketan of the Hills” commented by SM Saiful Alam, Deputy Director, Integrated Stipend Program, Prime Minister’s Education Assistance Trust, Dhaka during his visit to Moanoghar on 17 December 2021. He visited the school followed by a meeting with the Headmaster, the Executive Director and the members of the Moanoghar Executive Council at the Moanoghar Temmangshala Thong ghar (meeting place).

He said, “Moanoghar is an exceptional educational institution in Bangladesh, which has been working to provide education to the orphans, destitute and very poor children from all the three Hill Districts through provision of residential facilities for them”.

“The Director, teachers and other staff members of the institute are very caring with the children. A unique feature of the institute is that education is imparted to the children in a natural setting, as if it were the Shanti Niketan of Rabindranath Tagore in the hills”- he commented.    

He wrote in the visitor’s book that Moanoghar being a special education institution, a few things should be positively be considered for it, such as appointment of the teachers and non-teaching staff should done by taking the organisation’s fundamental spirit; to provide stipends and special assistance to the poor students in the school. He opined that the special rules and policies should be approved to apply for Moanoghar considering its distinct characteristics.

During his visit to Moanoghar, SM Saiful Alam was accompanied by his family members and the Mayor of Rangamati Municipal Corporation Akbar Hossain Chowdhury.