Income Generating Programs

Moanoghar Bakery

With the aim of generating income and suppling food at subsidized prices to the children of Moanoghar, the bakery was launched with funding support from Manusher Jonno Foundation, and Douglas A Campbell Foundation, USA.

The bakery is registered with BSTI (Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution). It is committed to quality products such as bread, buns, dry cake, cookies, cakes, available to any consumers.

We take order food for a birthday or social gathering or any occasion, please contact our baker on:
Ph: +880 351 63798

Display and Sales Centre

This shop sells indigenous clothes and woven products made at the Moanoghar Weaving Centre. In addition, other indigenous items, procured from neighbouring communities, are available. The proceeds are used for the welfare of Moanoghar children.

Agriculture & Plantation

Under this program, we have several schemes that include fish cultivation, mixed fruit trees, rubber plantation and coffee plantation and afforestation in and around the campus and on lands owned by Moanoghar.

To promote coffee plantation and build a partnership on the social venture with the guardians and communities across the CHT region, some 45,000 coffee saplings were distributed among planters in Bandarban and Rangamati hill districts.