Moanoghar Alumni

The alumni association of Moanoghar is now known as "The Moanogharians", which was established in 1989. Initially this was named as the Moanoghar Student’s Welfare Association (MSWA). The alumni association was founded with an objective to create and maintain bonding between the former and current students of Moanoghar. Later in 1999 the name of Moanoghar Student’s Welfare Association was changed as The Moanogharians.

The key objectives of the Moanogharians are:

  • Maintaining solidarity and creating mutual cooperation and sense of community among the current and former students
  • Providing stipends to the poor and meritorious indigenous students
  • Playing roles for creating opportunities for education in CHT – general and technical
  • To support the disadvantaged and orphaned children
  • Undertaking programs that promote peace and development.

Currently "The Moanogharians" Executive Committee is comprised of 13 members. The Moanogharians keeps close relations with Moanoghar to support its works.

Since 2011 "The Moanogharians" has been supporting Moanoghar to implement the higher education program known as Higher Education Loan Program (HELP). It helps raise funds for HELP of Moanoghar.