Other Infrastructures


Moanoghar has landed property approximately more than 100 acres of grove land in and around the campus. Some pieces of lands have been utilized for afforestation with mixed fruit trees such as olive, orange, banana, papaw, guava, mango, and litchis etc. In addition, some pieces of land, now approximately 12 acres, have been used for plantation and vegetable gardens


The library has a rich collection of books exceeding 10,000 volumes on different subjects such as Buddhism, children, education, and issues of Chittagong Hill Tracts, and indigenous peoples.

Administrative Building

The main administrative building is three storied located adjacent to the Moanoghar Mini Hospital. Apart from this administrative building, there is another house, called Temmangshala (meeting hall), where necessary administrative tasks are carried out for the internal discipline (residential hostels).

School Buildings

The main school building is located on the top of a small bumpy hill. Adjacent to it, the other building is used as teachers’ rooms including a few class rooms. The class rooms in these two school buildings can accommodate more than one thousand students from class I to class X.

Dining Hall

There are two dining halls – each for the boys and girls separately. The dining hall for the girls is located within the Bishakha Vaban. The boys’ dining hall is close to the administrative building. This hall is also used as a conference hall for the big gatherings of students such as cultural functions, annual prize giving ceremony and so on.

Conference Rool

The conference room with the capacity of around 50 people can be used for workshops and seminars. It is a non-air-conditioned room, but equipped with necessary equipments which include multi-media projection, screen, sound system, generator etc. In addition, accommodation facilities are available for a limited number of people – from 10 to 12. Any organisations after a quiet place for seminar or workshop in Rangamati, for sure, this facility can be a right choice for them. For availability of the facility, one needs to contact Moanoghar beforehand.

Guest House

This facility is available for the guest(s) coming to visit Moanoghar. As the number of rooms is limited, the guests, who wish to stay in Moanoghar campus, are required to contact beforehand to be confirmed that rooms are available for the date(s) of visit.