Residential Hostels (Bhavans)

There are in total 8 residential hostels in Moanoghar with one exclusively reserved for girls. Each hostel is supervised by one or more tutors and may have more than one building. The hostels are named after CHT celebrities or Ideals important in Buddhism and the whole peace movement

Karuna Bhavan: Block A 

Karuna means Mercy in Bengali. Students of class SSC live in this dormitory.  Ven. Arjya Marga Bhikkhu are the hostel caretakers.

Shanti Bhavan

Shanti - a Sanskrit word but used in many languages including in Bengali - means Peace. Ven. Agga Dhamma Shraman  is the hostel care taker and the students of class III-VI, IX live in this dormitory.

Krishna Kishore Bhavan

The dormitory is named after one of the prominent social reformer and educationist in the Chittagong Hill Tracts and who played the leading role in spreading modern education among the various indigenous groups in the region in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Students of class X live in the dormitory (together with Janasree Bhavan, see below) and Ven. Dharmalok Shraman is the hostel caretaker.

Prajna Bhavan

Prajna is Sanskrit word, used in most Indian languages, including in Bengali, It means Wisdom. Children of class VIII  live this hostel and Ven. U Chandra Uday Bhikkhu is the caretaker.

Bishakha Bhavan

Bishakha was one of the most important woman devotee of the Buddha and played a key role in the propagation of Buddhism, particularly in ensuring a role for the woman in the Community. All the girl students in the Bhavan. The Bhavan is a complex of 4 houses and includes a mini-clinic with 6 beds for the medical treatment for sick children. Three caretakers look after the girls; they are Ms. Sanjita Chakma, Ms. Jini Chakma and Ms. Bina Chakma.

Surhid Bhavan Block A & B

Ven. Teloka Bhikkhu is in charge of the hostel and the students of class VII live in this dormitory.