‘Science Fair, Mathematical Olympiad and Language Competition 2021’ inaugurated

16 November, 2021
‘Science Fair, Mathematical Olympiad and Language Competition 2021’ inaugurated

‘Let there be no fear for mathematics and science, let’s dream of a bright future’ under this motto the ‘Science Fair, Mathematical Olympiad and Language Competition 2021’ was inaugurated on 16 November by Nazma Binte Amin, Executive Officer of Rangamati Sadar Upazila (Sub-district). The fair will continue from 16 November to 18 November at the Examination Hall of the school.

Chaired by Jhimit Jhimit Chakma, Headmaster of the school, the fair was attended by Ashok Kumar Chakma, Executive Director, Moanoghar, as the special guest. Arupan Bikash Barua, a senior teacher, delivered a welcome speech; while on behalf the organising team Zimi Tripura, assistant teacher, spoke on the overall preparation of the science.    

In her inaugural speech, the Upazila  Executive Officer said to the students that in this age of modern technology, we cannot go without learning mathematics and science. She reminded the students of the adage - ‘survival of the fittest’. To be the fittest students, they must equip themselves with the knowledge of science and mathematics.

The Executive Director of Moanoghar in his speech as a special guest said that the Moanoghar authority has put highest priority on the importance of teaching and learning science and mathematics in the school. To master science and mathematics, language matters for the students of Moanoghar, as they come from different ethnic backgrounds, whose mother tongues are completely different from Bengali, which is medium of education in Bangladesh. On this broad context, to improve learning outcomes of the students, enhancing language skills – both Bengali and English will get the same importance as Science and Mathematics -  added the Executive Director.  

The Executive Director also said that this event was being organised under the program of ‘Improving Quality Education at Moanoghar School’ being supported by Luciole Foundation, France and Comgest Foundation, Germany. He expressed thanks and kind gratitude to the funding agencies for their  support to the Moanoghar School.  

After the inaugural session was over, the Upazila Executive Officer visited the science projects presented by the students in the Science Fair.