Moanoghar consists of three councils – General Council (GC), Executive Council (EC) and Advisory Council (AC).

  • The General Council is the supreme decision-making body, which is consisted with all general members. It meets annually to discuss and approve budgets, programmes and constitutional amendments, if any.
  • The Executive Council of Moanoghar consists of 15 (fifteen) members, who are directly elected by the General Council every three years. The Executive Council meets every two months to review and monitor the regular activities of Moanoghar, and undertakes and approves new programs/projects and budgets.
  • There is an Advisory Board with socially respectable persons to advise the Executive Council on its activities. The number of the Advisory Council’s members is not fixed, but decided by the General Council.

Policies and all day-to-day activities are carried out by the staff members led by the Executive Director (ED), who is appointed by the Executive Council. ED regularly reports to the Executive Council on overall progress of the activities and programs.