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Moanoghar is located at the outskirt of Rangamati at Rangapani village about 4 – 5 km from Rangamati town. Auto rickshaws, locally called ‘CNG’, run very frequently from Rangamati town to Rangapani village via Moanoghar. Anyone wishing to visit Moanoghar either can hire a ‘CNG’ or get in any CNG taxi bound to Rangapani from ‘Vedvedi rastha matha’ (a CNG Halt at Vedvedi).

Address : Rangapani, Rangamati-4500, Rangamati Hill District, Bangladesh
E-Mail :
Tel : + 880-351-61043, 62796

Job Opportunity

Moanoghar is an employer of equal opportunity. It offers jobs and selects candidates as per the human resource management policy of the organization.

To apply for jobs please mail us at