The Annual General Meeting of the Moanogharians was held on last 17 January 2015 at Moanoghar. Following the expiration of the term of the previous committee, a new Executive Committee was formed with the following office bearers:

         Name                                                     Position

  • Biplab Chakma- President
  • Abirata Chakma- Vice President
  • Nanda Kishore Chakma- General Secretary
  • Ad. Chanchu Chakma- Assistant General Secretary
  • Liton Chakma- Organizing Secretary
  • Dipayan Chakma- Treasurer
  • Ms. Shukhi Chakma- Women Affairs Secretary
  • Dipak Chakma- Office Secretary
  • Arupan Bikash Barua- Publication & Cultural Secretary
  • Kirtilankar Chak- Executive Member
  • Ms. Dishari Chakma- Executive Member
  • Bachchu Chakma- Executive Member
  • Nikhil Mitra Chakma- Executive Member

    Members of the Executive Committee of the Moanogharians

 An Advisory Committee was also formed in the meeting:

  • Ramesh Bikash Chakma
  • Dr. Binode Shekhar Chakma
  • Hari Kishore Chakma
  • Shanti Kumar Chakma
  • Jawhar Lal Chakma
  • Kirti Nishan Chakma
  • Barandra Lal Tripura

The new Executive Committee and Advisory Committee will serve for a term of next 3 years.

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