The Executive Committee, composed of 15 members, is the key decision making body of Moanoghar. It approves all important policies and guidelines and as well as provides management guidance to the management team. It is elected by the General Body for a term of 3 years. The current Executive Committee is elected for the period 6 September 2013. Brief profiles of the current members of the Executive Committee is provided below;


Mr. Sukumar Dewan (President) has a distinguished career with the government and retired as Director, Department of Narcotics. He is a well-known social worker in the Chittagong Hill Tracts and involved a number of voluntary associations, including as Vice President of the Raja Bana Vihara Management Committee. He is involved with Moanoghar since 2003 when he was elected a member in the Executive Committee.

Ven. Shraddha Lankar Mahathero (Vice President) is one of the founders of Moanoghar and for long, assumed the responsibility of the Director. He has an MA in Buddhist Studies and at present is the Lord Abbot of the Sangaram Vihara in Rangamati.

Ms. Sagorika Roaza (Vice President) is a well-known social activist in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, particularly on issues related to gender, sexual abuse of women and human rights. She is involved with a number of non-profit organizations and is founder of Garjantali Mahila Kalyan Samity.

Ms. Nirupa Dewan (Vice President) is a renowned educationist and human rights activist. Among the numerous associations she is involved with are; Rotary Club of Rangamati, CHT Citizen’s Committee, Chakma Circle Heritage Council and Bangladesh Shishu Academy. She is currently serving as member of the Bangladesh National Human Rights Commission.

Mr. Prasenjit Chakma (Vice President) is a noted social activist and development professional from the Chittagong Hill Tracts. He has a distinguished career with various national and international organizations and was formerly the Deputy Director of the UNDP’s Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Facility (CHTDF).

Mr. Kirti Nishan Chakma (General Secretary)is a former student of Parbatya and Moanoghar. He studied in Dhaka University and later in France. Currently, he is a freelance consultant.

Ven. Buddha Datta Bhikkhu (Joint Secretary)is a former student of Moanoghar (SSC batch 1985). He studied Buddhism in Srilanka and South Korea. He is the Head Abbott of Wonmyung  Meditation Centre.

Mr. Sonadhan Chakma (Joint Secretary)is a former student of Moanoghar. He is one of the founders of Moanoghar Pre Cadet School and is currently its Principal. He is also Governing Body member of Rangapani Milan Vihar.

Mr. Samar Bijoy Chakma (Treasurer)is a former student of Moanoghar ( SSC batch 1988). He has an MBA from Chittagong University and is currently serving with the UN.

Mr. Ranjit Dewan (Member)is a renowned singer/musician, lyricist and cultural activist in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. He has numerous awards to his credit and published more than a dozen albums. He currently teaches in Moanoghar Residential School.

Mr. Kalo Moni Chakma (Member) a respected community elder in Rangapani village and General Secretary of Rangapani Milan Vihara.

Mr. Sadhan Dev Chakma (Member) is a former student of Moanoghar and currently works as a teacher in Vedvedi Municipal High School, Rangamati.



Ms. Sinora Chakma (Member) is a development consultant.  She is currently serving as Gender Consultant for the Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Development Project - II.



Ms. Jhuma Dewan (Member) is a development worker. She is now working for CHTDF-UNDP as Gender Cluster Leader.

                                      Advocate Ushamoy Khisa (Member) is a former student of Moanoghar. He has LLB(Hons.), LLM from Chittagong University and lawer

                                      of Rangmati Judge Court.








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